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The information and communications technology (ICT) sector

With some of New Zealand's most successful IT companies being located in Wellington, it has become the country's hub for digital firms and tech-savvy professionals.

Xero 2 Wellington successes

Wellington's digital DNA

Wellington has the highest concentration of web-based and digital technology companies per capita in New Zealand (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise).

The number of ICT export businesses in the region is growing so quickly that Wellingtonians are more than three times as likely to work in ICT as people in other New Zealand cities.

Some of the biggest tech companies in New Zealand and around the world were started here. Cloud accounting firm Xero, open-source software company Silverstripe, and online auctioneer site Trade Me, all call Wellington home. Wellington also plays host to Webstock, one of the top tech conferences in the country.

I can't think of another city in New Zealand where I would want to start a technology company Sam Minee, Silverstripe CEO

It pays to work in Wellington

The appealing salary packets in the ICT industry has attracted many ICT professionals to Wellington, meaning you'll have no trouble finding the right employees for your business.

The ICT industry in Wellington provides IT professionals with a bigger pay packet than other cities in New Zealand as we have the highest median base salary in New Zealand at $87,500, 8.7% above the national median (Absolute IT, 2014).

Pay packets are increasing year on year as workloads increase and businesses expand. Project management salaries increased 10% from 2013 to 2014, with business analyst and software development salaries following closely behind (Absolute IT, 2014).

The talent of ICT professionals is valued in Wellington and their services are in hot demand, so clients expect to pay respected rates for their high quality services. 


ICT opportunities

The ICT industry in Wellington is experiencing rapid growth, with a constant demand for IT professionals.

There are plenty of new opportunities to join this industry with 73% of Wellington employers planning to recruit more staff.

Of those in need of more staff, 42% of those have said this is due to the rising number of new projects (Absolute IT, 2014). The key areas experiencing growth are:

  • Computer system design and services
  • Web-based services
  • Software publishing
  • Motion picture and video activities
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