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Our campaigns

Marketing Wellington is not just a privilege; it's a whole lot of fun as well. That's because the unique personality and creative energy of the coolest little capital fuels all our campaign work.

Our goal is to deliver marketing campaigns that tell the Wellington story in compelling ways, and get people here to experience it for themselves.

Read about our old and new marketing campaigns below.

Absolutely Positively Wellington

They say you always remember your first, and we certainly remember this one. Now established in the hearts and minds of Kiwis, this campaign set the bar high. View campaign.

Send yourself to Wellington

Send Yourself to Wellington’s principal aims were to drive weekend visitation and position Wellington as New Zealand’s hottest urban destination. Learn more about the campaign.

Have a love affair with Wellington

'Love Affair' won a NZ Tourism Award in 2006 and changed the face of destination marketing in our fair country. Sultry and sweet, it was more than an ad. It was a story. The campaign was also a finalist in the AXIS Awards in 2005. View campaign.

Spoil yourself in Wellington

This domestic brand campaign was highly flexible, transitioning well into tactical event marketing and PR activity. The campaign was also a finalist in two AXIS Awards categories in 2009. View campaign.

Ultimate Wellington weekends

In 2010, a competition-led digital campaign was run to complement Spoil Yourself by targeting niche markets and telling a range of Wellington's stories. Learn more about the campaign.

There's no place like Wellington

The launch of Wellington's first major consumer campaign in Australia showcased the region's creative values as well as secured quick results. Read more about the campaign.

Today is a good day

Launched in September 2013, Today is a Good Day was all about sharing the Wellington that locals love and celebrating the moments you realise life is just awesome. Seven commercials were filmed and put to air in seven days. View the television commercials.

The Wondrous Wellington Advent Calendar

The Wondrous Wellington Advent Calendar is a annual digital campaign run by PWT. As well as rewarding those that have been good to Wellington, the aim of this KNOW Wellington campaign is to increase foot traffic within Wellington’s CBD, while promoting local businesses and extending our digital reach. Find out more. 

20 years in the making

In 2011 we made a video compilation of the last 20 years of promoting the capital of cool. Take a look.

Wellington Has Things

In 2014 we invited Australian television star Darren McMullen across the ditch to New Zealand's creative capital in a bid to dispel misconceptions Australians have about the city and highlight the proximity of Wellington to Australia, just a three-hour flight from most major airports. His sense of humour helped us create a series of irreverent videos that delivered our message while mocking the very concept of a celebrity starring in a tourism campaign.

Find out more about Wellington Has Things

It's never just a weekend when it's in Wellington

In 2014 we teamed up with award-winning Kiwi filmmaker Robert Sarkies to produce a domestic campaign that highlights Wellington as a city that's made for weekends. Shot in more than 50 locations over just four days, the TV commercials showcase the variety, creativity, personalities and energy that makes the capital one of New Zealanders’ favourite weekend destinations.

Find out more about the campaign.

Inspired by Wellington

Launched in 2015, Inspired by Wellington saw us team up with Tourism New Zealand in a bid to lure Australians across the ditch. Three separate videos follow three different Australian creatives from culinary, music and design disciplines as they experience the inspiring people and vibrancy of the Wellington region, and ultimately develop a product inspired by their experience.

Take a look at this campaign.

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