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Key facts

Wellington is New Zealand’s culinary and cultural capital. The city is the country’s third most populous urban area and if you’re here – you’re in the world’s southernmost capital city. Needless to say, Wellington is New Zealand’s centre of government.


Wellington city has a population of 200,100 people. The Wellington region (a series of closely linked cities and districts) is home to almost 500,000 people. The city accounts for 41% of the region's population and 5% of New Zealand's overall population. The capital's population is young, with 55.9% aged 18-49 years (2006) compared with 45.1% in NZ generally.


Wellington’s weather gets a fair bit of slack and, yes, it can get a bit windy from time-to-time. But the capital actually enjoys a temperate and often sunny climate, enjoying around 2,000 sunshine hours a year. The warmest month is February, the coolest is July, and average annual rainfall is 1270mm.


Tourism is a vital contributor to Wellington's economy, resulting in some $1.6 billion in expenditure per year - that's over $3166 per minute! 


It's been said that over one-third (33%) of Wellington residents have a bachelor degree or higher qualification - the highest in the country. Wellingtonians are also known as some of the fittest New Zealanders, with over 18,000 of its residents choosing to walk or jog to work. Runners are a regular sight around the picturesque waterfront.

Wellington trivia

From a national museum with exhibition space the size of three rugby fields to the legend behind the design of the iconic Beehive, our quirky facts and stories page has some great figures and interesting urban legends.

Home to many museums, galleries, theatres, festivals and events, Wellington is also a leading centre for creative industries and is the home of the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX). The city is situated alongside Wellington Harbour and surrounded by natural beauty including Zealandia, an award-winning eco-attraction just minutes from the central business district.

Out and about

Wellington is a super cool and small city. So small in fact that 18,000 of the city’s residents walk or jog to work. The residents are a lucky bunch - nearly all of us are within 3km of the sea which means easy access to our 497km of coastline. On top of all that seaside goodness, Wellington has 363km of mountain bike and walking tracks around the city.