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Jim Beam Homegrown hits all the right numbers

26 Mar 2019

Kiwi music is the star attraction at Jim Beam Homegrown but spare a thought for what it takes to prepare Wellington’s waterfront so 20,000 fans can have a memorable experience.

homegrown 1

The inaugural Homegrown pre-party is on the evening of Friday 22 March, with Jim Beam Homegrown the main event taking place on Saturday 23 March. On event days there will be 1255 staff working.

It takes the core crew 2938-man hours over 16 days to build the five stages and set up the necessary festival infrastructure.

The core crew doesn’t go hungry either. They are served 339 meals in the week leading up to Homegrown and 1928 meals are served to all workers on event day.

All up there are 162 truckloads of gear to unload and organise including 230 speakers with a combined 646,000 watts of power. Around 600 lights will be utilised.

A whopping 4.5 kilometres of electrical cable – that’s the equivalent distance of 11.25 times around a standard running track – 42,000 cable ties and 5.4km of temporary fencing will be used during Homegrown.

And for those needing to spend a penny, 390 toilet pans are ready for what may come.

It takes four days after the event to put the waterfront back to how it was.


homegrown 2

The logistics of staging the event has seen three companies sign multi-year contracts with Homegrown. Adfence has set up a Wellington division while Hirepool and Boxman have increased their capacity in portable toilets and portable offices respectively.

Homegrown Events Chief Executive Andrew Tuck says converting Wellington’s waterfront into New Zealand’s best outdoor music location with multiple stages is challenging but rewarding.

“This year we have tweaked the layout so we can comfortably fit in more fans than ever before. It’s just as well we did as tickets for Saturday sold out in record time as we get set to welcome the largest Homegrown audience ever.”

WREDA General Manager Warrick Dent says Homegrown attracts thousands of visitors and brings the city alive just as the peak summer tourism season begins to fade.

“Wellington is ready to greet the 15,000 Homegrown fans who bought tickets from outside the region. And the good news is the weather is forecast to be fine on both Friday and Saturday and we all know what they say about Wellington on a good day.”

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester says the capital is the natural home of Homegrown and he looks forward to seeing the event continue to flourish.

“It not only attracts visitors but also provides a great event showcasing some of the best Kiwi music for Wellingtonians to enjoy as the waterfront gets transformed into one of the most picturesque urban music locations in the world.”