Business Services

WellingtonNZ's Business Services team are dedicated to ensuring WellingtonNZ staff receive best practice back office support services, so that they can concentrate on delivering WellingtonNZ's vision

Heidi Morton

General Manager Business Services

Heidi heads up the teams that deliver support services across WellingtonNZ in People & Culture, Health & Safety, Finance, and IT. Business Services also assist WellingtonNZ teams with Corporate Services, Legal, Board Secritat and Risk work. A born and bred Wellingtonian with a varied career across the globe, Heidi ensures her teams are working as valued business partners and strives to make the mundane enjoyable. 

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People & Culture

WellingtonNZ's People & Culture team certainly don't forget the traditional HR functions. However the team is more than that. We want our people to feel empowered. We want to focus on creating a company culture, building our employment brand and engaging our whole team. Most of all, we want our teams to be happy at work and know that we care about their wellbeing. 

Vathany Owen
HR Advisor
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Health & Safety

Ensuring people go home safe is a given in our priorities. Whether that be our staff, guests in our Venues, or other visitors like the partners we work with. This alongside our desire to maintain a healthy working environment underpin all our Heath & Safety team do.

Kellie Bowman
Health, Safety & Compliance Officer
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WellingtonNZ's finance team are not only “crunching the numbers” but are constantly looking to improve processes, procedures and financial knowledge throughout the organisation to grow the organisations ability to make sound business decisions aligned to our financial resources. The team strives to ensure they can help our teams make it happen.

Leigh Cowan
Finance Manager - WellingtonNZ
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Fiona Falconer
Finance Manager - Venues
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WellingtonNZ's ICT crew lead the development and maintenance of information and technology within the organisation, and ensure our internal systems and processes are looked after. Nothing stands still and neither do these guys.

Rick Butler
ICT Lead
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