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Three local employers on why paid interns are good for business

By Laura 8 May 2018

There are plenty of misconceptions about what’s involved in hiring an intern and the potential value they provide. Wellington’s two annual internship programmes – Summer of Tech (for tech interns) and Summer of Biz (for HR and marketing internships) – have proved that hiring interns is an amazing way to foster top local talent, get fresh new perspectives in your team and produce innovative work.

We asked some loyal employers to share their experiences hiring interns through the SoT and SoB programmes:

Stu and team 600x400
Stu Innes and the emhTrade team

Stu Innes - emhTrade

Briefly, what does your company do?
At emhTrade we are enabling a better power society. We do this through technology, building platforms that help people use cleaner, cheaper or more locally sourced power according to their personal preferences, and at the same time helping the supply chain cut the cost of infrastructure by reducing peaks and having more engaged consumers. Or put another way, we're building the Airbnb of consumer-owned electricity assets.

Why did you decide to take on a Summer of Tech/Summer of Biz intern?
We had a few reasons. I think mainly it was the fact that we've found it hard to find really good developers here in New Zealand. We decided to try and change our strategy a bit by hiring people that we could train really well. Once we were involved in the scheme though, we came across so many enthusiastic and skilled candidates that we actually ended up creating another internship for someone specifically in addition to those we'd planned.

Jeremy 600x400
Jeremy Gold - ikeGPS

Jeremy Gold - ikeGPS

Briefly, what does your company do?
We help our customers measure assets that are difficult to access by providing IKE 4 - a specialised Android device that we have designed and built. The IKE 4 includes a GPS, Laser distance meter, Inertial Measurement Unit, and a Digital Camera, and is combined with our IKE Office Cloud solution. This enables our customers to take photographs of their assets (typically Utility Poles), and then we use Photogrammetry to help them measure items of interest within these photos.

Why did you decide to take on a Summer of Tech intern?
We have taken on a Summer of Tech intern several times now, and have found it very useful every time - We always have ideas or projects in our development backlog that are tough for the development team to make time for, and Summer of Tech interns provide a way to jump start these projects and make some great progress. It's also a great opportunity for us to get to know students who will be entering the job market soon and to help raise awareness of our organisation as a great place to work in Wellington.

ServiceIQ 600x600

Shelley-Maree Cassidy - ServiceIQ

Briefly, what does your company do?
At ServiceIQ we arrange on-job training for employees of service sector businesses and organisations.

Why did you decide to take on a Summer of Tech or Summer of Biz intern?
We saw that Summer of Tech had launched their sister programme, Summer of Biz, and thought it would be great to have a marketing intern to assist one of our clients with their marketing efforts.

What tasks or project did they work on?
They helped with activities such as revising social media pages and creating content. They also were devising and implementing initiatives to increase social media traffic and interaction on the social platform.

If you would like to find out more about hiring a Summer of Tech or Summer of Biz intern they are holding their Wellington Employer Launch event next Tuesday 15 May from 5:30-7:00pm. This will be a great opportunity to chat with past employers, meet the team and ask questions about the programme, over a drink and a bite to eat. RSVP for this here.

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