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7 free tools we use to wrangle digital activity

21 Oct 2015

Things never stand still in the digital world, so it's a challenge to keep up with the exuberant amount of stats, changing algorithms and influx of new channels that come our way. To help you out, I've pulled together a few of the tools we use to help wrangle PWT's digital activity.

And best of all, they're all free, well one costs $3.99, so they're all very nearly free. 

Website statistics

Google Analytics

It may seem a little obvious, but Google Analytics should be at the heart of any digital decisions you're making. It shows which users are coming to your website, and how they're interacting with it. Delve a little deeper and you can find some surprising trends. For instance, on we've found Australians love researching weather, which has led us to create helpful content around these keywords, and it's also come to our attention that Wellingtonians use mobile less than any other site visitor. Interesting huh!


Moz Toolbar is part of the wider Moz family, a specialist SEO tool. It's a free plug-in for Chrome and Firefox browsers and is great for giving you a gauge on your SEO performance, as well as that of others. For instance, we can see how we compare against Auckland in terms of domain and page authority, number of inbound/outbound links, as well as check whether our site can be read correctly by search engines. There's a paid version, which gives you more in-depth data, but the free version is great for giving you a gauge. 

Google's UTM builder

UTM codes (UTM standing for Urchin Tracking Module, but they're not know by their full name) are little snippets of text added to the end of your URL to help you track the success of your content online. By using a UTM code you are able to track where your site's traffic comes from, and then analyse how the different sources are performing. For example, we know that the KNOW Wellington eDM drives a quarter of visits to from Wellingtonians, and we can tell exactly which links they clicked on to lead them to our website.

Social media tools

Twitter analytics

Twitter Insights follows Facebook's lead and offers account owners (both individual and business accounts) an in-depth look at their account's analytics. It tracks volume, impressions, mentions, follower growth as well as profile visits. Keep hunting through the data and you can find follower demographics, interests and location. 


While Instagram is now owned by Facebook, the platform's analytics have not followed suit, with the platform's own analytics being pretty non-existent. However, Iconosquare is a free tool which offers up most of what you'd expect Instagram to soon develop. Iconosquare allows you to track new and lost followers, love rate (post likes), talk rate (post comments) as well as recommendations on when you should post based on previous engagement rates. Pretty handy!


While we'd all love designers on call 24/7, it's not always possible. Luckily WordSwag is here to help us turn images into creations. The app (available on both Apple and Android) has a multitude of font lockups and images to choose from - the hardest part is choosing which font you like. The app also allows you to add your own imagery, which is great for a stunning city like ours. Disclaimer: this one costs $3.99. 


We're blessed with a very Instagrammable city, and therefore have an exuberant amount of Wellingtonians and visitors alike, taking snaps of our city. To share these with our followers, we use InstaRepost. For a $1 upgrade, you can remove the app's watermark and search hashtags allowing quick posting. We'll always credit the photographer, and prefer to do this within the comment so it doesn't take away from the beautiful shot. 

What tools are are you using? We'd love to hear of any good ones out there!

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