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It’s never just a campaign shoot when it’s in Wellington…

10 Oct 2014

New Zealanders make over 3.4 million visits to Wellington every year, and spending by domestic visitors in Wellington city has risen 24% over the last five years to $957 million.

Last year Positively Wellington Tourism ran 16 brand, tactical  and event campaigns, with a cumulative reach of almost 420 million. Almost $1.5 million worth of coverage was generated about Wellington as a destination in New Zealand media.

Today we released our latest brand campaign, It's Never Just a Weekend when it's in Wellington. Directed by the exceptionally talented Rob Sarkies (Out of the Blue, Two Little Boys, Scarfies, Consent), the campaign celebrates all the colour, creativity and personality that sees New Zealanders regularly vote Wellington their number one holiday spot in research surveys:

A bit about the shoot

Over 50 locations and four days of shooting on three cameras saw us with 12 hours of footage that had to be compressed into less than 60 seconds! The shoot was actually less hectic than it sounds (despite being filmed during the World of WearableArt Awards Show opening weekend!). Wellington is a city made for weekends and it's also a city made for film-making. Just as they enhance the visitor experience, the city's walkability and easygoing people also make it a great place to shoot a commercial in.

You learn something new every day

The intensity of the shoot meant we really got to experience Wellington through the eyes of a visitor. Walking from location-to-location, we each discovered something new that we hadn't even know was there. For me, I hadn't yet come across the incredible Berry Culture yoghurt truck outside Moore Wilson's. Very cool.

The director

Rob first moved to Wellington as “a baby director” in the mid 90s. He has a unique connection to Wellington tourism campaigns, having shared a production office with Grant Lahood (who directed the original Absolutely Positively Wellington campaign) when he first moved here. A bit over 20 years later it was his turn. “It’s like I’ve finally come of age," he reckons. "I think this has the potential to be just as striking and – like the APW campaign – redefine just what a NZ tourism advertisement can be.”

I think this has the potential to be just as striking and – like the APW campaign – redefine just what a NZ tourism advertisement can be.

The song

‘I Can Feel It’ was developed especially for the campaign by Wellington indie pop band The Eversons. If you fancy it, you can download it for free on

The point

The brief for this campaign was essentially to bottle Wellington’s unique vibe – develop something that feels Wellington. It focuses on a couple as weekends away with your partner or family holidays are significantly more common (in fact more than double according to our recent research) than getaways with friends.

Where will you see it?

The campaign was released on our Facebook page and YouTube channel today, ahead of its launch on TV and in cinemas on Sunday. It will also be running on YouTube TrueView and mobile.

What do you think?

Launching a new campaign for Wellington is always equal parts exciting and daunting - Wellingtonians are so passionate and proud of our city and there's never any shortage of opinions about our work! We think Assignment Group, Rob and the Capital City Films team have done an incredible job - capturing the colour, energy and unique vibe that makes our city so special. What do you reckon?

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