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Tourism data made easy

4 Aug 2014

Ok readers, stick with me...

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment recently released a cool new interactive web tool (still there?) which is a really simple way to understand where visitors are coming from, going to and how much each origin market spends in the regions they visit.

All the data in the web tool comes from MBIE’s Regional Tourism Estimates – which have traditionally been (and still are) available in very dense pivot tables. This tool visualises the data through innovative infographics and is much faster and easier to navigate.

spend of visitors by origin

To give you an idea of how easy it is to use, in this screen shot I simply chose "Wellington City" as the Territory Authority (top right of screen) and then clicked "Canterbury" as the origin/source of the visitor market. I was immediately presented with the estimate that visitors from Canterbury spent $133m in Wellington in 2013. Easy as that. (Glad you hung in there now, right?)

If I wanted to find out, for example, the total expenditure of all visitors to Wellington, I'd simply unclick "Canterbury" so no visitor origin is selected. Then you can either hover your cursor over “Wellington City” on the map of New Zealand, or simply scroll down the page and you can immediately see that the total spend is $1.327b, or, in other words, that 7.5% of all tourism spend in New Zealand occurs in Wellington City.

In the example screen shot below I hovered my cursor over Wellington City to get the total tourism spend figure.

spend by all visitors

Last, but certainly not least, at the bottom of the screen there is another tool which allows you to immediately see expenditure by international or domestic origin. In the example below I hovered my cursor over the dark blue area of “Wellington City” and it tells me that domestic visitors spent $957m, out of the $1.3b in 2013.

This new tool puts at your fingertips tourism industry data usually reserved for those who have the time and/or inclination to work through the plethora of data tables produced by the public sector.

Now that you have the link, give it a go! You might even enjoy it.

relative spend by visitors

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