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Business Services

WellingtonNZ's Business Services team are dedicated to ensuring WelligntonNZ staff receive best practice back office support services, so that they can concentrate on delivering WellingtonNZ's vision.

Heidi Morton, General Manager Business Services

Heidi Morton profile image

Heidi heads up the teams that deliver support services across WellingtonNZ in People & Culture, Finance, Front desk and IT. Business Services also assist WellingtonNZ teams with Legal, Board Secritat and Risk work. A born and bred Wellingtonian with a varied career across the globe, Heidi brings that experience to ensure her teams are working as valued business partners and strives to make the mundane enjoyable. Email Heidi.



WellingtonNZ's finance team are not only “crunching the numbers” but are constantly looking to improve processes, procedures and financial knowledge throughout the organisation to grow the organisations ability to make sound business decisions aligned to our financial resources.  If you need to contact someone in our finance team email Fiona Falconer, Finance Manager – Venues, or Leigh Cowan, Finance Manager - Corporate.

People & Culture


WellingtonNZ's People & culture team ensure that WellingtonNZ employees, recruitment, learning and development, policies and processes are all looked after. The team develop capability within the organisation through continuous improvement in people and leadership. If you have an HR query, email Kelly Flinkenberg, HR Manager,  


ICT sector pic

WellingtonNZ's IT crew lead the development and maintenance of information and digital technology within the organisation, and ensure our internal systems and processes are looked after. For more information, email the legend that is Rick