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WellingtonNZ's vision for Wellington

By 2025, Wellington will be the most prosperous, liveable and vibrant region in Australasia.

An inspiring and lofty goal, this vision tasks WellingtonNZ with advancing the prosperity, vibrancy and liveability of the Wellington region. To achieve this, a programme of work based on promoting and substantiating the unique character of our city and region, supporting existing and new businesses to thrive, and driving projects which lead to enhanced economic growth.

As the region’s marketing and destination storytelling engine, WellingtonNZ’s aim is to tell the Wellington story in a compelling and distinctive way - or as we like to say, ‘make the Wellington region wildly famous’.

WellingtonNZ’s latest reports can be downloaded below. Plus, scroll down for the main programmes of activity.

WellingtonNZ Annual Report 2018 - 2019

WellingtonNZ Financial Statements and Performance Information 2018 - 2019 [PDF 580KB]

WellingtonNZ Statement of Intent 2019 - 2022 [PDF 9.65MB]

WellingtonNZ's goals

From facilitating a record number of screen permits to attracting eCommerce giants, WellingtonNZs re-focused areas of activity will help create traction towards becoming the most prosperous, vibrant and liveable region in Australasia by 2025.

Promote the region’s brand and identity

As the marketing and destination storytelling engine, we will:

  • Leverage our digital platforms, particularly, to encourage people to visit, study, meet, invest and move to Wellington
  • Deliver a multi-sector media programme that enhances Wellington’s reputation as a great place to live, visit and do business
  • Promote and secure events across the region that reflects Wellington’s creative heart
  • Work with partners in the international student sector to position Wellington as the most attractive student region in New Zealand

Grow and expand innovative new businesses

Ramp up our efforts to support the region’s thriving economy:

  • Establish Creative HQ’s incubation platform (‘Scale’) as the de-facto standard in New Zealand
  • Boost the number of ventures using the platform so more graduate to investable status
  • Develop a new digital interface for businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs to access Creative HQ services
  • Focus on industry-specific acceleration programmes, particularly GovTech.

Be a partner in the Māori economy

Work in tandem to maximise the potential of the sector.

  • Work with Māori to understand their economic development needs
  • Help develop a regional MāoriEconomic Development strategy with Ara Tahi and GWRC
  • Help tangata whenua tell their stories of the Wellington region to boost tourism opportunities
  • Help leverage Te Matatini 2019 to maximise economic opportunities for Wellington and showcase the region’s Māori identity

Leverage opportunities from new regional investment

Improve economic growth across the region.

  • Complete a report examining the role of local government incentive schemes, their place and whether they are successful
  • Advocate for the Wellington region at a central government level
  • Deliver the Wellington Regional Trails Framework, bringing together all the region’s stunning trails
  • In partnership, establish a Wellington Regional Investment Plan that identifies programmes and opportunities that benefit both the region as a whole and individual communities such as the Porirua Adventure Park

Build workforce and employer capability

Drive investment and strengthen the economy.

  • Provide business support and facilitate innovation and growth vouchers for more than 400 business through partnership with NZTE/Callaghan Innovation
  • Establish business cases for co-worker spaces that build small-medium enterprise business growth
  • Support and fund the Young Enterprise Scheme
  • Work with Summer of Tech to grow the number of interns across the region

Deliver an unrivalled business, consumer and major events programme

Create a vibrant Wellington and a liveable city for its residents.

  • Develop the major events portfolio, working with the industry to secure new events
  • Maximise the use of Wellington’s suite of venues, supporting the city’s arts and cultural organisations
  • Leverage major event investment to develop trade, tourism, education, investment and visitor opportunities
  • Boost business event bookings and maintain market share for Wellington, while addressing seasonality in the visitor economy