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Wellington takes life and work personally in new campaign

19 Jun 2017

A new campaign from the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA), designed to attract more Kiwis to live and work in the capital, portrays life in Wellington as authentic, connected and, in a word; personal.

Why Wellington Its Personal Screenshot

David Perks, WREDA GM, Venues, Marketing & Destination Development, says the Why Wellington? It’s personal campaign takes a multi-layered approach.

“Changing cities is a big, life-changing decision. It's a decision we know people make very much with their hearts as well as their heads. Asking someone to choose Wellington as their home means establishing an emotional connection first, then building a rational case."

The campaign launches on TV, cinema & online with a video directed by Loren Taylor for creative agency Wrestler, who says the approach was all about authenticity.

"Wellington has been my home for more than 20 years. I love its warm heart, its guts and lack of self-consciousness. It was great to have the opportunity to work on a campaign which reflected that.  

We cast real people, shot unscripted in places we love, and my friends - internationally acclaimed local musicians - composed the song for us. We wanted to show, in a truthful and intimate way, how it feels to be a human in this place - to arrive, grow, work and belong here.   

Because we were looking for non-actors I travelled around, (without getting stuck in traffic - thank God for Wellington), meeting people in their homes or workplaces. I was struck over and over again by how unguarded, open and up for it everyone was. It's a magnet for good people this place, and I'll fight anyone to the death who disagrees." 

Director Loren Taylor 2
Director Loren Taylor

The lead commercial is supported by a series of twelve online videos featuring real Wellingtonians talking about their own experiences of living and working in the capital, plus media partnerships with The Spinoff and Idealog, profiling successful and interesting Wellingtonians and their work.  

Mr Perks says passion for work is a strong theme in what brings people to Wellington, and what they love once they're here.

"In collecting stories from Wellingtonians, we were delighted to find so many people who came to the city to follow their passion, to bring something to life. There's something about the energy of Wellington that makes people believe anything is possible from here, and then something about the connectedness they find between people that helps them achieve it."

Mr Perks said encouraging internal migration of New Zealanders to Wellington was good for the whole country.

"New Zealand needs a greater dispersal of population and workforce across our cities and regions, to increase our economic resilience, broaden our national prosperity, and reduce infrastructural pressure on our biggest city. Of course, increasing our population creates demand for things like housing in Wellington, but the city is clearly taking a 'plan for growth' approach.  By attracting more of the kind of smart, creative Kiwis who will thrive in Wellington, then economically, professionally and socially, everybody wins."