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Generous Wellingtonians urged to Givahoy

By Lauren 18 Dec 2018

Jim Boutcher was born in a town called Wellington in the UK, so it made sense for him to pick Wellington, New Zealand to move to.

Since finishing his studies in law, and re-studying in tech, Jim has been working in fraud at one of New Zealand’s top banks.

It was a typical morning walk from Wellington’s train station to work when Jim realised we could all be a bit more generous.

“I saw a few people collecting for a cause outside the train station, and I felt guilty because I rarely carry cash on me,” says Jim.

“I started planning an app where people could open it and see charities listed and who were collecting close by, and they could pledge a donation towards them via the app.”

Jim named the app Givahoy and talked to a number of charities about what was and wasn’t working for them when it came to collecting donations on the street.

“New Zealanders are famously generous people – and like giving more than receiving. The idea with Givahoy is to take away all barriers to giving: cost, time and risk,” says Jim.

“There’s no cost to use the app. If you donate $5, you can be assured that $5 will make it to the charity in full. The app is quick to use – with each step, people can drop off because it feels too hard – so users only make a few taps on their smartphone. Working in fraud has helped me create an app that makes sure people’s details are safe and anonymous.”

Jim invented a payments model to ensure privacy of donors is a priority.

“Givahoy is made for people of all backgrounds. You can donate as little as 50 cents or send a “heart” to let the charity know you support them but you can’t donate at the time.”

Jim found Wellington a good spot to launch Givahoy – thanks to the city’s kind vibe and community feel.

Givahoy supported the Neonatal Trust charity at the recent WellyTech event – Wellington’s premiere end-of-year tech event. Jim worked with the Access Granted team to make it easy for attendees to support the charity at a time of need.

Read more on Givahoy here.  

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