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Destination marketing to international students

By David Perks 21 Aug 2015

The recent Wellington City Council Education Sector breakfast examined the opportunities our city and region have to attract more students from other countries to study in Wellington.  This series of blogs takes up the key themes of the breakfast; we’d love to get your views on these different themes.

Probably the clearest message that came from all our panel members was that we need to develop and deliver a collaborative marketing programme.  Charles Finney confirmed that Education NZ would support such a move. 

Wellington has delivered a successful destination marketing programme for some time that has taken the city to being a lead tourism destination for visitors to New Zealand.  We have a Wellington Story that is designed to motivate consumers of every sector to be interested in Wellington so how do we utilise better the platform and assets already built to benefit the education sector.

Of course our potential students aren’t just looking for a nice place to live, they need to know the details of what they might choose to study. So much of the marketing responsibility will always naturally lie with individual institutions but we think there are new ways to look any number of options. Here’s some of our ideas, we’d be interested to hear yours:

  • Shared ‘on story’ trade show materials and promotional collateral
  • Consistent city storytelling across all stakeholder prospectuses
  • Hosted agent programmes
  • Hosted media programmes 

We’re also really interested in your thoughts about how we might mobilize the Wellington Alumni network.  For example WREDA works proactively with the KEA network and this has proved a successful channel through which to tell Wellington’s story.  We’d be keen to hear how you think alumni networks could operate and what level of engagement we might garner from those networks.

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