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Pathways to employment for international students

By David Perks 21 Aug 2015

The recent Wellington City Council Education Sector breakfast examined the opportunities our city and region have to attract more students from other countries to study in Wellington.  This series of blogs takes up the key themes of the breakfast; we’d love to get your views on these different themes.

One thing we’re all interested in is finding pathways for students from education into work in Wellington.  We’d like to understand the importance of this as part of attracting students in the first place and if, for example, it’s a motivational element in their choice of a programme of study.

We’re also interested in the ‘pipeline’ that Julia Davidson referred to where international high school students stay in the region to study at our tertiaries. If you think this is important do share your ideas you have to strengthen them, to retain more of these students and graduates in our region. 

Chris Gosling told us that Wellington’s close knit community of business, education, government and NGO’s means that there is scope to extend the number and variety of work experience opportunities. What are your thoughts on this, how do we use the distinctive attributes of Wellington to achieve growth in the availability of work experiences for students?

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