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Capturing our social reach

By Helen 26 Nov 2013

We're big on numbers here at PWT. So, seeing that our social channels reached 118 million users in the past three months was more than enough reason for a few high fives and chocolate treats around the office.

Using our new snazzy reporting tool, we're tracking the effect of our work within the social media space. Much like iSentia track media reach within print, TV and radio,  we're now able to track engagement and reach across our various social media channels.

Within three months, our PWT social channels have reached a cumulative audience of 118,770,628.

social graph

That huge spike you see there in August was led by social media coverage of the Make History campaign, which saw Paul and Trent become the first Australian same-sex couple to be married in New Zealand. Wellington was proud to host the beautiful wedding at Te Papa, which was jointly managed by our Australian team and Tourism New Zealand.


A photo posted during the ceremony received 3,651 likes, 649 shares and 226 comments. We like engagement from our followers because, the more they like, comment or share, the more people we reach with Wellington content. Thanks to our fans sharing this, the post received a further 4,080 Likes, 582 comments and 72 more shares. In total, this one post alone reached 138,752 people within Facebook. Nice one.

Some clever photo-shopping skills also proved popular; a Facebook album showcasing how Wellington could get behind a white-out to support the All Whites reached over half a million Facebook users.

Wondering what we're up to next?

Take a peek at this post. While not wanting to give any plans away, we asked our Facebook community for some ideas on what city features they deemed Absolutely Positively Wellington. If you recommended something, your name may just be up in bright lights in coming weeks. Keep an eye on our Facebook page!

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