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WREDA's vision for Wellington

By 2025, Wellington will be the most prosperous, liveable and vibrant region in Australasia.

Bold, aspirational and provocative, this vision challenges WREDA to lead a new phase of transformational change for Wellington's economy. The vision demands that Wellington exceed expectations, compete in a global context, and become internationally recognised as a leading region. 

The vision also carries the notion that prosperity, vibrancy and liveability are symbiotic. Each quality enhances the other two, and success requires coordinated management of all three.

We see Wellington thriving in 2025, with robust growth and high social mobility, attracting people from across New Zealand and the world. Wellington will be the ‘place of the possible’, a destination of choice to visit, study, work, live, invest and succeed. Our commercial reputation will be as a ‘living lab’, a globally-connected leader in creative solutions and design-thinking, with a work-life balance opportunity that is the envy of the world.

Achieving this vision requires us to think and behave differently. Wellington is a city region with a distinctive set of skills, resources and opportunities. WREDA is committed to pursuing the realisation of this unique potential with the same boldness and ambition that informed our founding vision.

WREDA’s first statement of intent, outlining what the agency aims to achieve in the next three years (2016 - 2019) years ahead, can be downloaded below.

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