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Wellington is a compact and accessible city, both easy to travel to and find your way around.

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Located in the centre of the country, the middle point between the North and South islands, not only is Wellington a convenient destination for domestic travellers but arriving from overseas is a piece of cake.

It’s an easy three-hour flight from Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, with daily direct flights operated by Air New Zealand, Qantas, JetStar, Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines. Once you’re here, enjoy being close to everything you’ll need to provide a world-class conference experience.


Wellington International Airport 2019 Credit Shane Saheem
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Walkable City 

If you’re choosing to fly in, you’re a mere 15-minute drive into the Wellington CBD. There’s a variety of public and private transport options available which you can book ahead of time or organize once you’ve landed. There are almost 3,000 hotel rooms within walking distance of the city centre, and there are seven major venues which are just 5 minutes apart. Wellington’s walkable city makes going by foot the easiest and most interesting mode of transport for you and your delegates.

Wellington hotel downtown map 

More time to explore

Establish your base and enjoy the abundance of central shops, restaurants, bars, sights, and activities, rather than having your time eaten up by long transits between your accommodation and your conference venue. Walk down the iconic Cuba Street or cruise along the waterfront during your lunch break. With so much to explore in our compact capital, you’ll be able to fit more into your schedule and enjoy the destination as well as getting work done out of our world-class venues.

Apart from being a great place to organise your conference, Wellington is also one of the few cities in the world where you can pop out from your conference and be on a stunning trail within 15 minutes, offering a different experience to your delegates – with so much to explore in our compact capital, you’ll be able to fit more into your schedule and enjoy the destination as well as getting work done.

Wellington Waterfront image Credit Nicola Edmonds
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Business Events Downtown Wellington Map

Download our Wellington city map to view all the venues, accommodation and attractions that Wellington has to offer.

Downtown Wellington Map 

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