Wellington Advocate Network

Connecting industry leaders and change-makers to help attract international business events to New Zealand’s capital city

About the network

The Wellington Advocate Network is made up of Wellington's industry leaders and top academics. Business Events Wellington works closely with Wellington Advocates to bid for conferences to be hosted in Wellington and highlight the opportunities for impact.

Business events play a pivotal role in supporting the sectors that are important to Wellington. Conferences and business events can:

  • Become catalysts for change
  • Drive investment, improvement and growth
  • Make international expertise more accessible
  • Attract tens of thousands of visitors to the city annually
  • Allow for the sharing of information and decision making
  • Make a real difference to communities

Meet the Wellington advocates

Wellington has a proud history of strategically attracting and supporting events for their legacy and impact on the city. Advocates play a crucial role in continuing this legacy and creating new opportunities to represent Wellington globally.

From leading scientists and researchers to visionary business leaders and community change-makers, Wellington advocates all share a deep passion for Wellington and the value business events bring to the city and economy.

To find out more about the Wellington Advocate Network, view the advocate brochure or contact the Business Events Wellington team using the form below.

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