Jewellers tackle marketing tools

Bespoke jewellers Victoria Taylor and Kirstin O’Brien used Lockdown as an opportunity to sharpen up their digital marketing skills and are starting to see results

Tory and Co owners

The timing couldn’t have been better - jeweller Victoria Taylor was looking for a business partner and customer Kirstin O’Brien was keen to create a collection of jewellery for charity. That day they decided to collaborate, and Tory & Ko Jewellers was born.

Years later, the pair work out of their boutique storefront on the top floor of Wellington’s iconic Old Bank Arcade, servicing a range of Wellington and international clients.

They have had incredible success, having been commissioned to create a brooch for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to commemorate her 90th birthday and supplying pieces to HRH the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton for her Royal Tour of New Zealand. All the while adorning numerous celebrities, and thousands of happy clients in their happiest of moments, with bespoke pieces created for engagements, weddings and anniversaries.

However, work ground to a halt heading into Lockdown, and Kirstin wanted to make it her mission to learn all she could to support the business during that time.

Thriving through Covid

Kirstin and Victoria signed up to the WellingtonNZ webinars focusing on different topics to help businesses manage the uncertainty of Covid. From that she heard about the Thrive Programme.

Facilitated by Creative HQ the Thrive Programme was a series of online workshops held over a week, aimed at supporting Wellington regional businesses re-think their products and services and come out the other end with a to-do list, to help reinvigorate their businesses.

The pair said it was a great way to get fresh perspectives on the business.

“It really narrowed down for us some fundamentals that we hadn’t had time to focus on in the past,” Kirstin says.

“It helps you focus on things that seem really obvious but you just don’t think of because you’re in the business.”

Tory Ko diamons
Tory Ko flowers
Tory Ko owners planning

I think it’s essential to know how your website and social media works

Kirstin O’Brien

Antony The Digital Cafe

Becoming your own marketing expert

Following the Thrive Programme, Kirstin and Victoria came through to WellingtonNZ for Covid-19 Business Advisory Funding.

Kirstin had wanted to tackle their digital and social media marketing channels but often found it was the last thing on their to-do list during a normal business week.

Through the funding, they were able to work with The Digital Café and learn more about other marketing tools to streamline their social media.

The sessions have been valuable in building Kirstin’s knowledge of their platforms.

“As a business owner I think it’s essential to know how your website and social media works. You can then act quickly by adding product or updating information to send out to customers.”

The pair are also starting to see results, with more inquiries and sales coming in from their website and social media, Kirstin says.

Working with WellingtonNZ

Business Growth Manager Warren Sue says voucher funding only works well when the businesses are ready to engage and put in the work with providers.

Kirstin and Victoria have been enthusiastic about the support and eager to learn and report back how everything has been going, he says.

“Part of working with WellingtonNZ is about businesses engaging with the process. They need to be willing to work with us and providers to get the most out of the funding.”

Kirstin says the companies she’s worked with are effective at what they do, while WellingtonNZ has offered valuable advice on how to get the most out of the funded sessions.

“The work WellingtonNZ does is really great - I was talking to friends who are business owners in Christchurch and Auckland, and they said they didn’t have the same level of support that we were getting.”

Looking to the future, Victoria and Kirstin are considering future growth and hope to work with the WellingtonNZ Business Growth team through that process.

Tory Ko owners with wellingtonnz team member

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