Spiral Software helps find best treatment for Covid-19

The Eastbourne-based software firm is part of the global effort of finding the best treatment options for coronavirus patients

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The small team of five at Spiral is expanding as its software system Spinnaker is used by hospitals in Europe, Canada and Australia to help work out what treatments are most effective for coronavirus patients admitted into intensive care.

Spinnaker was originally developed to help medical staff enrol patients in clinical trials and is used by doctors to randomly assign promising treatments to patients and to record medical outcomes.

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Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, Spinnaker was selected to help manage a trial being conducted by hospitals in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the Middle East called REMAP-CAP.

Its goal was to assess the treatment and response of patients who were admitted to intensive care due to pneumonia caused by other viruses.

By the middle of March it became the preferred software system for hospitals in the European Union, as the trial adjusted to also include a trial of treatments for the new pandemic.

Chief executive Audrey Shearer says they’re continually adapting the system as more and more treatments are added, and doing software releases every two weeks to keep up with the momentum

“We will only get busier as we move into the next phase which is to incorporate another trial right into REMAP-CAP.”

“We are fortunate to be in the position to hire staff at a time when the standard of candidates is extremely high. A new project manager joined us this week and I expect we will be expanding the development team in a few weeks.”

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Working with WellingtonNZ

Audrey has been supported by the WellingtonNZ Business Growth Team for almost eight years, with an account manager who has helped establish good connections with others in Wellington, relevant workshops, and assist with grant applications to help the business grow, she says.

“We have been on the receiving end of some generous grants, sourced through WellingtonNZ,  to increase our capability in marketing our software. Our home-base is Australia and New Zealand but we have the capability to extend that to the full global ball-park.”

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