Wellington’s Resn takes on world’s big brands

Digital production giants and rebel CEOs Rik Campbell and Steve Le Marquand have rolled with a shift in marketing mindset and are sought after by the world's biggest brands as a result

Rik Campbell and Steve Le Marquand from Resn

A global shift in marketing has seen Wellington-based digital design shop Resn come up with a solution that is attracting big international brands.

That solution is called Toast, a revolutionary new platform that helps brands produce scalable online product launches. It’s a platform that maximizes engagement, encourages audience participation, and cultivates a sense of community while promoting physical distancing.

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They’ve seen what we’ve been able to achieve with Toast and the power that it has to reach a global audience

Justus Smith, Resn marketing and communications manager

“Social distancing due to the pandemic has resulted in a pivot away from location-based marketing and events and towards digital,” explains Resn marketing and communications manager Justus Smith.

To date Toast has helped brands like Italian carmaker Maserati, California-based electric car company Lucid Motors, Dutch e-bike maker VanMoof and chocolate manufacturer Tony’s Chocolonely successfully create exciting and unique launches for global audiences.

“Toast is a perfect way to simultaneously showcase a product and tell a company’s story, using video (pre-recorded or live stream), interactive 3D graphics, personalized content and more,” says Justus.

“And the common thread with the companies we’ve worked with so far is that they all have a great product to sell and they all have a story to tell.”

Hundreds of thousands of people have now watched Toast launches online and companies worldwide are requesting Toast for product launches, which means more global launches are in the pipeline.

“They’ve seen what we’ve been able to achieve with Toast and the power that it has to reach a global audience.”

Lucid Motors is a perfect example – Covid had disrupted its plans for an in-person, location-based launch for its first-ever car, the Lucid Air and called on Resn to create an online launch solution that would fit its human-centred ethos and capture the public’s imagination.

The launch combined live-streamed and pre-recorded video, audience interaction, and personalised story elements into one seamless experience.

“It became the second most viewed car launch of 2020 - that’s a remarkable result, especially when you consider it was the company’s first-ever product,” says Justus.

“Not only that, but the Lucid Air was released into a market environment that’s saturated with established companies releasing their own electric vehicles - that shows what Toast is capable of.”

Founded in 2004, Resn has embraced successive waves of new technology like Toast over the years, becoming a global leader in digital development, design, and immersive experiences and garnering more than 300 international awards in the process.

While more than 90 percent of Resn’s clients are based offshore, it is served by 45 staff spread between the Wellington head office and Amsterdam, chosen as its European base to replicate many of the professional and lifestyle advantages of Wellington while overcoming the timezone challenges.

“The two offices share one business pipeline and they collaborate between offices – it’s a good way for us to retain talented Kiwis that want an overseas experience,” says Justus.

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