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Wellington's business culture

Wellington’s business culture is relaxed and informal, but our strong work ethic makes it easy to do business here.

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Business etiquette

Business dealings are generally described as quite informal in New Zealand. Meetings are relaxed, yet still treated as a professional event. You can expect some small talk before the meeting and to be addressed by your first name.

We value honesty and directness, and appreciate can-do attitudes. We also welcome a bit of easy humour to keep things light.

Workplace culture

The work culture in Wellington is best described as friendly yet professional. It may be less formal than what you’re used to and the office structure less hierarchical. In general, you’re likely to find an open and relaxed team environment with a welcoming atmosphere. We respect our workmates and enjoy getting to know one another but we also know how to get the job done and produce results.

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Cafe meetings

Don’t be surprised when someone suggests holding a meeting in a café. Café culture is a way of life in Wellington, especially when doing business. Holding meetings and catch ups over a great coffee is second nature to most Wellingtonians. One of the benefits of the city is that because of its compact size, many people will go from meeting to meeting, all in cafes across the city throughout the working day.

Work hard, play hard

The ethos is ‘work hard, play hard’, meaning commitment to meeting team goals is expected and rewarded. Workplaces tend to be smaller in New Zealand, and you will often find people are more flexible in their approach to work. Availability outside of normal working hours may be expected on some occasions or for certain roles, but you'd generally receive some flexibility and rewards in return once the job is done.

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Industry collaboration

Being a smaller city punching above our weight globally, we work together to share ideas and expertise, and celebrate each others successes. Government and enterprise work closely together, with ‘getting it done’ at the top of the agenda. We encourage collaboration and partnership across various industries and recognise our economy is an ecosystem where we thrive and succeed together.

Socialise with your colleagues

Whether it’s a drink after work in one of the city’s many café and bars, a lunchtime jog around the bays or a barbeque in the weekend, it’s typical in New Zealand work environments for your work mates to socialise outside of work hours to get to know each other better. Having great working relationships helps to promote synergy and comradery amongst our teams.