COVID-19 funding for business support

This voucher fund is aimed at supporting businesses manage the impact of Covid-19 through Alert Levels 4 and 3

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WellingtonNZ has been allocated funding from the central government’s stimulus package for business, to connect business owners to expert advice and services.

There are other business support resources available through the Regional Business Partner Network, including Business Mentoring Support and working with a Business Growth Manager

What does the COVID-19 Voucher Funding cover?

Access to:

  • Financial advice and planning to help business owners get through COVID-19
  • Business advice to help model cash-flow, staffing levels and understand financial plans considering their new business models
  • Marketing advice, including digital marketing expertise
  • Employment and legal advice
  • One-on-one support and assistance with business continuity issues
  • Business coaching to help business owners get through COVID-19
  • HR advice to help with decisions regarding employees
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How does it work?

WellingtonNZ has a dedicated helpdesk set up to talk with and assess businesses effected by COVID-19.

Our team will listen to your challenges, help prioritise your needs and suggest available services and service providers you can access through the Regional Business Partner Network.

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