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Wellington’s industry sectors

Wellington is a smart, creative and knowledge-intensive capital. From the government hub to gaming gurus, screen legends to our scientific and technical talent – we’re a diverse city where anything is possible.

The tech sector

Wellington has the highest concentration of web-based and digital technology companies per capita in New Zealand. And with the number of tech export businesses growing rapidly, Wellingtonians are more than three times as likely to work in tech as people in other New Zealand cities.

Known for our expertise in web, mobile, game development, cybersecurity, data analytics and open source, Wellington is home to tech companies with international reputations for innovation and technical excellence, including globally recognised companies such as Xero, Datacom, SilverStripe, Catalyst and PikPok.

The screen, creative and digital sector

Many creative and digital companies producing world-leading content and award-winning technologies are based right here in Wellington.

Weta Digital may be best known for its visual effects achievements on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies but Wellington also has many other companies and expertise in animation, entertainment production and post-production such as Park Road Post Production.

The game development sector

Our creative and digital scene has attracted masses of tech talent to Wellington, leading to niche digital startups emerging across the city.

Thanks to the influx of tech talent, Wellington's game development sector is now heating up with force and making a splash internationally with companies like Pik Pok and Game Froot leading the way. Our compact and collaborative community is the secret to Wellington’s ability to punch above its weight on the digital stage.

High value manufacturing

high value manufacturing

High value manufacturing sector makes a significant contribution to the region’s economy. It supports a wider network of upstream, downstream and support services. Economists agree that creating one job in a manufacturing business leads to the creation of two to three additional jobs in supporting industries.

Wellington manufacturers produce a diverse range of products, from beer and chocolate through to animal vaccines and scientifi c instruments. Some of the larger sub-sectors include plastics, print and machinery.

The business process outsourcing (BPO) sector

If you are looking for a world class, cost effective location for outsourcing your business processes, Wellington is a great location from which to operate.

A surplus of highly educated talent, low rental and operating costs, fantastic public transport networks and an excellent quality of life make the choice easy. Wellington is the home of a wide range of inbound/outbound multi-channel operations. These include both in-house and outsourced set ups, covering for the private and public sectors, with plenty of room for more.

The professional services sector

pro services

Professional services such as law, accounting, marketing and management consulting are well represented in Wellington by global companies and also smaller locally-owned businesses.

The professional services sector supports knowledge industries such as ICT, creative and digital and science and technology. Those sectors in turn provide solid deal flow to support professional services providers. 

The scientific and technical sector


Wellington has an ecosystem designed to support innovation and is home to a range of strong institutions producing world-leading science and technology business outcomes.

Supported by crown research institutes and respected universities, Wellington has produced world-leading business outcomes in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biomedical, natural hazards, advanced materials, nanotechnology, superconductors, social sciences and environmental sciences sectors. 

The financial service sector

NZX Building

Wellington is served by solid base of investment facilitators, private investors, investment funds, and investment advisors. Wellington’s areas of financial expertise include investments, financial asset investing and services.

We’ve also got the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) on our doorstep, as well as 20 banks and 126 authorised financial advisory firms located in Wellington, providing us with a unique advantage in the financial services sector.

The health sector


The health sector is the third largest employer and the sixth largest contributor to GDP in Wellington. Being part of the Government hub alongside the Ministry of Health is a big plus.

Wellington has a number of private and public hospitals as well as several colleges and clinical bodies that represent the medical professions.