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The business process outsourcing (BPO) sector

If you are looking for a world-class, cost-effective location for outsourcing your business processes, Wellington is a great location from which to operate.


Cost-effective location

Locating your business in Wellington will enable you to continue to deliver excellent service and processes to your customers cost-effectively.

With highly educated talent, low operating costs, fantastic public transport networks and an excellent quality of life, Wellington adds up.

Time-zone advantage

Wellington is perfectly placed to service customers throughout the northern hemisphere night. As New Zealand is the first country to start the day, and is 2-4 hours ahead of Australia, we've already started our workday as the rest of the world are sleeping.

Wellington ticks all the boxes

Wellington is the home of a wide range of inbound / outbound multi-channel operations. These include both in-house and outsourced set-ups, catering for the private and public sectors, with plenty of room for more.

Wellington is a world-class, cost-effective location for outsourcing your business processes. You’ll benefit from our: