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The information and communications technology (ICT) sector

With some of New Zealand's most successful IT companies being located in Wellington, it has become the country's hub for digital firms and tech-savvy professionals.

Wellington's digital landscape

The tech sector contributes $2.1B or 7% to the Wellington regional economy, attracting a relatively high level of private and public sector investment and contribution to exports, research and development spend. 

With the tech sector growing by 25% over the past ten years, it is a key contributor to the Wellington regional economy and one of the region’s largest employers, generating nearly 16,000 jobs (Statistics NZ 2015). 

The tech sector aligns with the region’s strength as a knowledge and innovation based economy. It also strengthens the capability and economic impact of key sectors in the region such as manufacturing, screen and government.

Global tech sector

Wellington is internationally recognised for its capability in software development. There is diverse product and services expertise in web development, mobile development, game development, cybersecurity, data analytics and open source. Within the tech sector, software development has the highest growth rate and makes the greatest contribution to GDP, employment and exports.

Yet, in the global context, Wellington’s sector is a young player that can learn from other tech sectors.

With huge opportunity for further growth, Wellington isn’t looking to replicate other leading tech sectors such as Silicon Valley, Boston and Tel Aviv, but differentiating itself by leveraging these existing tech sector specialisations and combining that with our unique combination of ease of doing business - lower costs relative to other cities, a collaborative business culture and a highly rated quality of living.

Xero 2 Wellington successes

Tech workforce

The ICT industry in Wellington is experiencing rapid growth, with a constant demand for tech professionals.

There are plenty of new opportunities to join this industry with 73% of Wellington employers planning to recruit more staff from around New Zealand, graduating students and abroad.

Of those seeking staff, 42% of those have said this is due to the rising number of new projects (Absolute IT, 2014). The key areas experiencing growth are:

  • Computer system design and services
  • Web-based services
  • Software publishing
  • Motion picture and video activities