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Is this your next intern?

Wellington has a plethora of smart talented students itching to gain experience in their chosen industry. We asked seven Summer of Tech and Biz interns some questions to give you insight into what skills they have and to highlight the calibre of talent you could tap into for an intern this summer.

Caradine Sangalang

Caradine small

What is your top achievement?

One of my top achievements is when I was given the top student award in a coding class at university. I developed a website from scratch, had no prior experience with coding, and still got marked as the best project. I enjoyed doing it so much; it made me fall in love with technology.

Liam Dick

Liam small

What’s your unique selling point?

University is only one part of my life. Whilst I may be gaining proficiency in Computer Science and Computer Graphics, the volunteer work and activities I get up to beyond the lecture hall is what makes me unique. Whether it be facilitating leadership courses, supporting youth development, or contributing to my local community, I have developed skills no classroom could teach. From effective communication, to working in a team, to a passion for personal development. I am unique because I believe in being more than just my degree.

Breanna Worthington

Breanna small

What is your unique selling point?

I believe my unique selling point is my duality. In my studies, my combination of Computer Science, Criminology and Philosophy gives me a different perspective to my solely scientific peers. Even in my personal life, I have both analytical and problem-solving skills, whilst also being very empathetic, optimistic and creative.

Prabha Raman

Prabha small

What’s your unique selling point?

My unique selling point is that I am always solution-centric. I aim to solve every problem using careful assessment and research. I don’t take things at face value, but look deeply into various causes and their larger impact to find solutions that are not only innovative but also sustainable. I believe that every problem is an opportunity in disguise as it helps in learning something new. I am a keen learner and never shy to ask for help if needed.

Joshua Lodge

Joshua small

What’s your unique selling point?

My unique selling point is my interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. These two areas are key to continued business growth and development but are notoriously difficult to institutionalise. I have used opportunities such as the Young Enterprise Scheme and Global Enterprise Experience to develop my entrepreneurial and innovative skills and capabilities in a real-world setting.

Edi Rose

Edi small

What is your unique selling point?

I took a year off after high school to work and travel, and gained experience and inspiration which lead me to make an intentional and determined move into tech.
Having already graduated, the coding I do now isn’t tied to any deadline or grade. Instead, I follow my interests and create the things that I want to work on, which has meant learning just as much since graduating as I did during my tertiary study.

Darren Carroll


What is your top achievement?

Recently graduating with a Masters in Software Development was pretty special; it's taken my skill set to the next level.


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