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Business mentors in Wellington

If you are a business with less than 25 employees or have a business idea that you want help bringing to fruition, working with a business mentor could be the next step you need in your business journey.

As part of the Regional Business Partner Network, the Wellington Chamber of Commerce and Business Mentors NZ offer two mentoring programmes where they will match you with a business mentor who can offer guidance, act as a sounding board, challenge your thinking and provide you with an independent and fresh perspective.

Why use a business mentor?

Help push your business to the next level it needs to grow. A business mentor will:

  • Explore your overall business situation and strategically help plan your business journey with you
  • Be a sounding board to discuss any issues you are facing. It can be difficult owning your own business and sometimes isolating - a mentor will become someone you can meet with monthly and discuss any of your issues or questions
  • Provide unbiased advice on what you need to focus on to help improve your business
  • Provide guidance and advice on a specific challenge you are facing
  • Set goals and objectives and help you follow through with these

Business mentoring programme

An experienced mentor will be chosen for your specific situation and business needs. This option is for existing businesses with less than 25 employees. After registration, the mentoring is free for up to 12 months, volunteered by your experienced business mentor. Find out more about business mentoring here.
Cost: A registration fee of $295 plus GST

Startup mentoring programme

This is a six month accelerated programme for anyone who has a business idea or is looking for guidance with starting a new business. A mentor who has had experience in a business start-up environment will help you clarify what needs to be actioned in order to start your business, act as a sounding board, and give the support you need in the creation of your business plan. Find out more about start-up mentoring here.
Cost: A registration fee of $295 plus GST

Want to register or find out more?


Get in touch with James Sauaga, Wellington's Business Mentors Coordinator from the Wellington Chamber of Commerce.