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Six reasons to employ an international student

To compete in the global economy, companies need global talent. Here’s why employing an international student can help your business.

1. Diversity

international students 1

Today’s most successful workplaces reflect today’s multicultural society. International students and graduates help organisations bring more diversity into their workforce, introducing greater cultural and language diversity, and global perspectives. Cultural diversity broadens the outlook and understanding of different cultures of your staff.

2. International understanding

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International students bring with them knowledge of markets, business practices and cultures of another country. Such knowledge can be enormously helpful should your business be developing networks or operating in a different cultural environment.

3. A bigger pool of talent

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Skill shortages mean many businesses are experiencing difficulty finding the talent they need to grow. International students boost the local talent pool, help stimulate the talent pipeline and provide more choice for employers.

4. Commitment

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Past experience shows, an offer of employment to an international student will likely be rewarded with hard work and loyalty. Many international students want to stay in New Zealand following completion of their studies and often this can be achieved only through employment.

A Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted) ties the new graduate to your organisation for two or three years, resulting in a lower turnover rates and recruitment costs.

5. Adaptability and perseverance

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International students have already made huge adjustments to cultural differences from their homeland whilst studying in New Zealand. They have proven their ability to adapt to another country, often managing a change of language, lifestyle and culture. They will bring the same ability to adapt to a new organisational culture.

6. Fresh talent

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Like all students, international students bring youth, enthusiasm, new ideas, open minds, the latest academic theory, eagerness to learn and prove themselves, and drive to make the most of an opportunity.