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Working with you

The Business Growth team are here to help facilitate your business success and there are many benefits to using our services.

Adding value

Business Grow Working with you

Working with the team can help save you time and money by being a one stop shop for connection to regional business support services, and help you to understand what New Zealand funding is available, and how to access it. 

We also know who to talk to and where to go for help with your business. Our ‘right service at the right time’ approach includes:

  • when and how to talk with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, and Callaghan Innovation.
  • recommendations and introductions to proven service providers who can help you develop your management capability, be a better business owner and create a profitable and sustainable business.

Customer relationships

Grow your business

Our relationships with you are similar to any professional services firms. We:

  • act as a trusted advisor to your business – we respect and maintain confidential commercial information
  • build trust through consistency and integrity in our words and actions, so that you see us as a guiding hand for your business growth and innovation
  • look to understand the nature of your business challenges, and the areas of your business where we might be able to provide support
  • reflect your business back to you, to help give you the clarity to achieve your goals quickly.

Managing your expectations

Business Grow Working with yolo

We work hard to manage your expectations by:

  • giving you a general overview of the scope of our services in the early stages of the relationship
  • setting the understanding of the initial contact’s purpose, and what's in it for you
  • being clear about the purpose of each meeting, and summarising any agreed activities or actions for everyone at the end of the meeting
  • providing a business summary that recaps key discussion points, actions, expected outcomes and next steps
  • following up on your progress on a regular and agreed basis
  • clarifying any expectations from you, and ensuring that we can meet these or, if not, explaining why
  • asking questions if we don’t understand or if there is anything that we’ve missed or may be able to help you with
  • providing opportunities for you to give us feedback about our services, programmes and events. This feedback helps us improve what we can do for you, and our value to you.