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Vivien Maidaborn, Co-founder of Loomio

Vivien Maidaborn Loomio
Vivien Maidaborn, co-founder of Loomio

Start up social enterprise Loomio is on track for changing the world from Wellington.

Co-founder Vivien Maidaborn says Loomio is an online tool for group decision-making.

“We’re trying to solve the problem for people about how to make timely decisions without necessarily having to organise meetings.

“We’ve been going just over 18 months and Loomio’s being used in 72 countries and is in 20 languages. We are on track for changing the world from Wellington,” she says. 

Vivien says the ability to access decision-makers is critical in business.

“Being able to connect with politicians, being able to connect with senior public servants being able to ring up the chief executive of a business you’d really like to talk to… All those things are unimaginable in London or New York,” she says.

“In Wellington, it’s fast because it’s small and very well connected.

“Here more than anywhere else there’s a real living network that crosses sectors between business and government and community and increasingly startup business.”

“In Wellington, things are fast because it’s small and very well connected.”

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