Achieve your business goals with the help of a dedicated business mentor

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Whether you've just launched a new business or have been up-and-running with a full team for years, a dedicated business mentor can help you gain valuable perspective and give you the tools, support and advice you need to grow both as an individual and a company. They can offer guidance, act as a sounding board, challenge your thinking and provide you with an independent and fresh perspective.

What is mentoring?

A mentor is not the same as a coach or advisor. A coach typically offers specialised skills and advice in areas like management, strategy and operations, and an advisor is most often a specialist who helps you with a particular business challenge or issue for a fixed period of time - for example, your finances or accounting. A mentor can help you with a broader range of guidance and support as and when you need it. They can:

  • Explore your overall business situation and strategically help plan your business journey with you
  • Be a sounding board to discuss any issues you are facing
  • Meet with you regularly to discuss your issues or questions
  • Provide unbiased advice on what you need to focus on to help improve your business
  • Provide guidance and advice on a specific challenge you are facing
  • Set goals and objectives and help you follow through with these

Am I eligible? 

Eligible applicants are any of the following:

  • I am the owner of an existing small business (0 - 19 employees)
  • I have a startup business idea that I intend to pursue
  • I am a decision-making executive officer in a social enterprise

How does it work?

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce Business Mentors NZ offer two mentoring programmes for small businesses:

Small business mentoring programme

This programme is designed to help leaders address crucial issues within their business and build the skills needed for long-term success. Free for up to 12 months.

Cost: Registration fee of $295 + GST

Startup mentoring programme

This programme is for anyone who has a new business idea or is looking for guidance starting a new business. A dedicated mentor will be able to help you clarify what needs to be actioned in order to start your business and give you the support you need to get your business up and running.

Cost: Registration fee of $295 + GST

If you register for one of these programmes on the Business Mentors NZ website, an experienced mentor will be chosen for your specific business situation and needs.

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