Webinar: Exploring different business models

The webinar, exploring different business models took place on 8 May 2020. You can dind additional information from presenters on this page.

Seminar resources

THRIVE 2020 - business innovation online workshops

Is your business feeling the impact of Covid-19 and looking for practical help to change the way you do things? WellingtonNZ has partnered with Creative HQ for a series of online, interactive workshops aimed at helping businesses identify challenges and opportunities and empowering them to find solutions. You'll come away from these workshops with a series of changes you can make to rebuild, change and grow your business for the future. 

Future Skills Assessment

The way we work is changing and in order to be future-ready we need to focus on nurturing our 'Future Skills'. Use the Creative HQ's Future Skills Assessment to see where you fit on an innovation team and what complementary skills you need from others to be most effective taking on innovation projects.


More discussion on the Subscription Economy 

Ditching Hourly Podcast with Jonathan Stark – Ron Baker On The Subscription Economy

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Do you need more support? If you haven't already, check out the WellingtonNZ COVID-19 Business Support page, or get in touch with the WellingtonNZ Business Response Team directly.

If you or any member of your team is feeling anxious or distressed during this time, please reach out for help. You can text 1737 for free, 24-hour access to a trained counsellor, or you can call Lifeline on 0800 543 354. 

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