Wellington's willing to take a punt on you

"We couldn’t have started this business anywhere but Wellington" — Claire & James Fuller, Hnry

"After years of working full time in Wellington, we started contracting and wanted to know what money was ours. But it soon felt like the advice we were receiving wasn’t the best. So, we took matters into our own hands. Hnry started because we wanted to solve our own problems.

We began to share our ideas with friends, having many critical conversations. We remember sitting in the sunshine drinking beer at a bar opposite the Occasional Brewer with a mate, telling him about the idea for Hnry. He told us it would never work, that it would never fly. We recently drove past that spot and reminded that same mate about the conversation. He laughed.

Our original offices were on the corner of Featherston and Hunter Streets. That corner is so much of a nexus of the CBD. The number of times we met clients there and then went to the Old Bank Arcade to talk over coffee. That’s where the sense of possibility lies. We’d always say “Why don’t we meet there, by the green sculpture”. That sculpture is key to that central meeting place.

It was the people of Wellington that helped us succeed. Every time we left the office, we met more and more people. One of the great things about Wellington is you can walk almost everywhere and bump into someone you know, which enabled us to meet so many people and chat about growing the idea. 

We couldn’t have started this business anywhere but Wellington. Wellington has created an environment where it is willing to take a punt on you as a start-up. The community here is what carried us through. Because of this, people got the problem and embraced our idea. It’s a trust thing. The ironic thing about this whole journey is both of us hate tax. Perhaps that’s why it works."

Never think about tax again

Much loved by contractors, freelancers, and sole traders, Hnry is a visionary tool and a fast growing Wellington business helping people automatically pay and file their returns, so they never have to think about tax again. 

Only in Wellington

Wellington is full of stories about little moments, in ordinary places that have led to extraordinary successes. Discover some of these stories, and the people behind them.

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