Why New York when you have Wellington?

"Cuba Street is this village where we are all members" — Lorenzo Bresolin, Scopa

"I never planned to restart my life here. But a life-changing chat on a Wellington doorstep changed all that. I wanted to go to New York, to step down the ladder and go back to doing some of the stuff I loved. Like working at the bar, without all the management responsibilities.

I was planning my exit strategy when my father and step brother convinced me otherwise. They helped me realise it could be an exciting time to stay. So instead of stepping down, I stepped right back up the ladder.

There was be no better time to own my own place. I knew lots of people in the business, great musicians, creative city locals. It started with Bulo on Blair Street, then Scopa followed in 2006.

In my experience, everyone is looking for a place to be and end up and be part of something — and after looking to NYC, and all over Europe, I saw it was right in front of me all along.

Cuba Street is this village where we are all members and I love helping people have a great time. To celebrate birthdays, work dos, family gatherings. Making sure people get what they need. We feel like part of the fabric of the community. Just doing what we love.

I remember as an 18-year-old with big dreams sitting on the corner of Swan Lane in what was then Imbibe Bar. I’d have a glass of vino and think about how I’d love to open a restaurant there. Down an alleyway off Cuba Street. Just off the main drag. One with a courtyard space.

Then in 2008 the lease came up and I realised that dream. Couldn’t believe it. Duke Carvell’s was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in hospitality. Just like what my dad did with Il Casino. I couldn’t have done that in NYC."

Cuba Street's original pizzeria

Scopa is a place for the people and the people who want pizza. Staying true to their Italian roots, they’re grounded in a classic Italian styled pizza but not defined by it.

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