The magic of Wellington is its people

"What better place to start than the culinary capital of NZ" — Nick Foster & Tim Robinson, Delivereasy

"Delivereasy was born and bred in Wellington. Like a number of New Zealand businesses, it was inspired by overseas innovation and fueled by the magic of the food and people of Wellington. Over a few beverages at our flat in Austin St, we decided Wellington deserved a better range of restaurant delivery options.

The nature and vibe, food, and people of the culinary capital of New Zealand is a magic combination that enabled us to succeed. There was a real opportunity and the support we received from restaurant owners and the general public was overwhelming.

For the first six to eight months we ran the business out of a garage in Mt Victoria, while working full-time jobs — it was a hectic time, but what we had was really exciting. We delivered the orders ourselves with the help of friends and family until it was clear we needed to start hiring externally.

As demand picked up we decided to move into a small office on Wigan Street, across the road from Lighthouse cinemas. It was such a great spot to grow the business, we were in the epicentre of Wellington's hospitality scene and surrounded by start-ups and like-minded people.

From there we were able to extend our operation to service the entire country- proudly retaining our Wellington roots while taking our company to the streets of New Zealand. Today we have over 2,000 contracted drivers and a team of 90 employees operating across 28 towns, cities, and rural communities - from Whangarei to Invercargill and almost everywhere in between. For the past five years we have been going head-to-head with global mega brands like UberEats, MenuLog, and now DoorDash. We believe it’s our commitment to building strong relationships with locally-owned and locally-favoured eateries across the country that sees Delivereasy as New Zealand’s favourite nationwide on-demand delivery service.“

What better place to start than the culinary capital?

As New Zealand’s only homegrown nationwide food delivery company, Delivereasy has become New Zealand's largest home-grown restaurant delivery service. Ranked eighth on the Deloitte Fast50 index, Delivereasy has been a mainstay in the rankings since 2019.
Now delivering to 28 locales around NZ, Delivereasy is forever grateful to Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington, for its people, their support, and the region's intrinsic start-up culture - “the magic of Wellington is its people”.

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