Living in a lucky place

"This memory is all about the magic of Wellington" — Rachel Taulelei, Oho

"It all happened over a cold glass of wine with my good friend Martin Bosley — I think it was a beautiful Martinborough chardonnay — in his restaurant at Port Nicholson Yacht Club. We’d often sit at that beautiful old bar and come up with what we thought were great ideas for the capital.

It's where the idea for City Market came to us — about creating a home for Wellington’s food enthusiasts and best artisans.

We’d both been to wine and food festivals in Melbourne, and food markets around the world, and knew that markets give a really great glimpse into the local food scene, and bring vibrancy to cities.

The Wellington City Council really gave us the support we needed to get it off the ground, and local friends jumped in to help make it look snazzy. And from that point every Sunday for five years we filled Chaffers Dock Building with some of the city’s best food personalities.

One of the rules we set was that people had to be there to face your products, connecting producers directly with Wellingtonians. We hosted the House of Dumplings, Fix & Fogg, Wellington Chocolate Company to name a few. And then some.

We ran cooking classes with Wellington’s best chefs, and events through Wellington on a Plate. It has been epic fun. This memory is all about the magic of Wellington, the power of the relationships formed here, and a shared love of food, story and craft.

Martin and I both love Wellington and are deeply invested in the vibe of the city — and we still talk about how lucky we were to know all these people who were producing and making food in this great place."

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