Creativity is in our nature

"People are truly what makes Wellington special" — Roman Jewell, Fix & Fogg

"Wellington was always a great place to be. And after living overseas, it was a cool place to come back to. Why would we go anywhere else but Wellington?

We were living in Aro Valley – an epicentre of culture and creativity – when the seed (or nut) of Fix & Fogg was planted. But it wasn’t an idea that just ‘came to us’. It was a search. Being surrounded by the place, the environment and the vibe was part of our journey. Many of the same businesses we grew up with are still here, like Aro Video and Garage Project.

We spent a lot of time in Aro Park. Thinking, pondering, chatting and eating. Always eating. You could say it’s our spiritual home. In fact, it’s where we met our first employee, Thom. Because it always comes back to the people. People are truly what makes Wellington special.

At its heart, F&F came from people. A friend designed the label. And Thom’s partner was actually the first to stock and sell our product from her shop on Aro Street. People really got it moving.

These days we export Fix & Fogg to all corners of the world, but Aro Park is still, and always will be, its original home."

The world's best nut butters

Fix & Fogg began seven years ago when founders, Roman and Andrea Jewell, made the choice to leave behind corporate life to make the “world’s best nut butters”.

Only in Wellington

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