People, and paying it forward

"There’s lots of passion, energy and enthusiasm in Wellington" — Sonya Williams, Sharesies

"There is a lot about Wellington that made Sharesies possible. The global ambition, the creativity and innovation, and the people. Sharesies was founded by six of us, we’re from all over NZ, but most of us built our careers here in the capital.

People often ask how we met, and it's pretty random really. Ben and I are partners and met working at Springload (a local web design company) years earlier. Martyn and Richard had a technology consultancy together. Brooke and Leighton are married, and also worked at KiwiBank together (I worked there too), and Brooke and I both worked at Xero. Martyn and Leighton knew each other from the Wellington Brass band.

Our whole founding story is through these connections, with Wellington this place where we all came together.

In early 2017, before starting full time on Sharesies, we met up together at Egmont Street Eatery. I remember us sitting outside drinking grape soda — that’s where we started to think about our values and the type of business we wanted to create — values that remain our values today. 

There is so much passion, energy and enthusiasm in Wellington, and people are up for paying it forward."

Financial empowerment for everyone

Sharesies is a wealth development platform on a mission to create financial empowerment for everyone. Their vision is that someone with $5 and someone with $5 million have the same money opportunities.

Only in Wellington

Wellington is full of stories about little moments, in ordinary places that have led to extraordinary successes. Discover some of these stories, and the people behind them.

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