Thrive Programme

THRIVE 2020 is a programme designed to equip your business with skills to change direction, grow and build.

WellingtonNZ is proud to partner with Creative HQ in a business innovation programme designed to prepare businesses to manage the impact of Covid-19 on our economy.

What is it?

If you are worried about the long-term impacts on your business as a result of Covid-19, or your ability to adapt to a new economic environment, the Thrive Programme is for you. 

The Thrive Programme is a series of interactive workshops that will equip you and your business with the skills and the practical pathway needed to rebuild, pivot, and grow your business.

How is the programme structured?

The Thrive Programme is made up of three 2-hour sessions held across a week. Participants will be split into groups of up to 20 people in similar sectors or business types. There will be an initial 30 minute tech onboarding session prior to the first workshop.

Session One

Define Opportunities
Define, validate and prioritise the current challenges and opportunities they face.

Session Two

New Ideas
Come up with possible solutions to enable participants to lean into challenges and opportunities to create positive outcomes.

Session Three

Develop a series of action items that will help participants to make real world changes to their business in order to create, pivot, rebuild or grow.

How much is it?

The programme is free to participate in but there are limited spaces available in each workshop.

When is this happening?

Applications are still open and we will inform people if they are accepted, along with the dates and times for their workshops, prior to the first session. The first round of workshops will be held the week of 25 May. 

What will businesses get out of it?

  • A clear action plan for how to change, grow and build your business during a crisis.
  • New business networks - each programme will be made up of people from similar sectors or business types.
  • New ways of thinking and approaching problems.
  • Practical skills to set your business up for the future. 

Does my business suit the Thrive Programme?

The criteria for the programme is simple:

  1. Does your business have fewer than 50 FTEs?
  2. Is your primary business location in the Greater Wellington region?
  3. Do you need help to change direction, re-imagine or grow your business for the new economy?
  4. Do you have access to reliable internet and are digitally savvy? (This programme could be delivered remotely using Miro and Zoom)

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