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WellingtonNZ's tourism team is made up of the Wellington i-SITE Visitor Information Centre, the Trade team and the Wellington Regional Trails team.

We are well equipped to help boost the economy in the Wellington region, offering start-up advice for new operators, support and programmes for regional tourism businesses, and waving the Wellington flag with travel sellers here and overseas to help them sell the city and region to visitors.

Wellington i-SITE Visitor Information Centre

As the shopfront of Wellington tourism, the Wellington i-SITE Visitor Information Centre attracts thousands of visitors a year and helps with all kinds of information and booking support throughout Wellington and New Zealand. They are also agents for most major ticketed events and a Snapper service centre. 

If you operate a tourism business in Wellington, make sure the i-SITE knows about it. Pop in and say hi to the team!

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Tourism Trade team

WellingtonNZ's Tourism Trade team work with travel sellers such as travel agents, inbound tour operators (ITOs), wholesalers and online travel agents (OTAs) to make sure they have the skills, knowledge and resources to promote and sell Wellington to their clients. 

If you are a local tourism business, the team can help you to understand these sales channels, provide advice about how to work with them and can connect you to travel sellers both domestically and offshore. If you would like to learn more about working with travel trade, please talk to us about how we can help.

If you are a domestic or international travel seller, check out the Tourism Trade hub which is armed with all the information and inspiration needed to promote and sell Wellington as a destination.

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Wellington Regional Trails

The Wellington Regional Trails team is responsible for promoting the public trails across the wider region and looks after the Wellington Regional Trails website.

If you operate a trail business or want to explore the opportunities around trail products, please talk to the team about how we can help.

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Collaboration with our other teams

The tourism team works closely with other teams within WellingtonNZ to support local tourism businesses.

Business Events Wellington aims to attract meetings and conferences to Wellington and liaises with a range of hotels, transport and activity operators. If you are interested in working with the meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions market, please get in touch and we can put you in contact with the team.

The Business Growth Team works with Wellington businesses to build capability and encourage innovation through their work as the Government’s Regional Business Partner for the Wellington region.

We also work closely with our marketing team to ensure a range of local operators feature in media opportunities, campaigns and marketing activity.


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