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WellingtonNZ works with established tourism businesses to help them develop their products, connect to markets and increase their sales channels

As the Regional Tourism Organisation for the Wellington region, WellingtonNZ promotes the capital as a visitor destination and works to boost our tourism economy.

WellingtonNZ’s tourism team works with a range of local tourism businesses, including attractions, tour operators and hoteliers, to help them develop their experiences and offerings. The team can offer advice on ways to develop your tourism business too by helping you to understand and connect to new markets and sales channels.

Qualmark accreditation

WellingtonNZ highly recommends Qualmark accreditation for tourism businesses. Qualmark provides a business advisor who not only assesses the quality of your product but provides feedback to help strengthen the experience you offer.

The process gives you a chance to evaluate your business and, once certified, you will have more opportunities to work with Tourism New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand campaigns and partnerships

WellingtonNZ works closely with Tourism New Zealand for domestic and international campaigns. If you are an established business and Qualmark accredited, there may be opportunities to become involved. Tourism New Zealand is currently promoting New Zealand domestically through its “Do Something New, New Zealand” campaign.

If you want to know more about how you can be involved, please get in touch with us.

Working with travel trade

The travel trade are organisations that operate as intermediaries in the tourism industry. These include inbound tour operators (ITOs), wholesalers, travel agents, travel brokers and online travel agents (OTAs). Traditionally, WellingtonNZ has worked primarily with off-shore travel sellers, but since the borders have closed we have been engaging with domestic travel sellers who promote Wellington to their domestic clients.

Working with the travel trade can provide opportunities for your business but it can also be complex. If you are considering working with the travel trade, please get in touch to find out how we can help.

The Tourism Export Council of New Zealand (TECNZ) is the industry association for tourism export. It works to connect tourism businesses (suppliers) with inbound tour operators.

Tourism Trade ChecklistThis Health & Safety Checklist, is an Industry-led initiative allowing for the transparent collection, storage and sharing of information relating to business trade compliance, integrity and NOW COVID Readiness. Tourism businesses can apply to join the directory, complete the Checklist requirements and store your businesses compliance information all in one place. 

Make your business China-ready

Wellington is an attractive destination for Chinese travellers not only from China but also from New Zealand and Australia. We currently target domestic Chinese travellers and when the Aussie bubble opens, we will target Australian Chinese travellers. If you are thinking about targeting the Chinese market, please see our key tips and get in touch to find out how we can help.

Key tips to become China-ready:

  • Chinese language products are very important. Provide Mandarin commentary or have Mandarin speaking tour guides available. If you are currently unable to hire Mandarin-speaking staff, make sure your frontline staff know to speak English slowly to ensure they fully understand. 
  • Think about developing a Chinese webpage and brochure. Ensure important information about your product is written in Chinese. 
  • If you have a gift store, think about adding a sale or bargain to encourage higher spend. Chinese travellers love shopping and have high budget for it if there is a good bargain.
  • Alipay is the leading payment method for Chinese travellers. Consider offering Alipay as a payment option. If you sell your product via the Wellington i-SITE Visitor Information Centre, there is an Alipay payment option.
  • If you would like to promote on social media, WeChat & Weibo and the leading social media platforms for Chinese consumers. Talk to us about how you can use our WellingtonNZ Chinese social media platforms.
  • When you are ready to sell your product, Fliggy is the largest Chinese online travel agent (OTA). Talk to us about listing your business on Fliggy's NZ travel store.

If you want to know more, please get in touch with our dedicated China Tourism Development Manager who can support your business improve its China-readiness and connect you to Chinese travel sellers.

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Grow your business capabilities

If your business is in a growth stage or looking to pivot towards the domestic market, you may need some professional support to improve your business capabilities. Our Business Growth Team may be able to help you out.

Speak to the team about connecting to local experts or other like-minded business owners who can help you build a stronger business through management capability development, mentoring or research and development support.

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