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We are here to help your tourism business by providing support and connecting you with key industry players.

Our team's diverse experience can help you understand the opportunities in the industry and the intricacies of the tourism sales process. One tip to start with is that many new tourism businesses get most of their sales directly, or through their websites.

However, as your business grows, look at selling your products through the isite network and then through other intermediaries. Make sure you think about pricing from the start so you can set pricing strategies that allow you to work with different intermediaries.

Wellington isite Visitor Information Centre

Busy summers are back in Wellington with international visitors and cruise ship passengers alongside local and domestic travellers. As a result, the time is right for tourism businesses to return to a paid brochure display model in our Wellington isite Visitor Centre.

That means you can now display your brochures or digital advertising content at Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington isite - all you need to do is express your interest by filling in the form and we will send you a copy of electronic agreement via Docusign. If you would like to visit the isite or have a chat in person first, please get in touch by sending an email to [email protected].

Making the most of opportunities

Our team works primarily with off-shore and domestic travel sellers who promote Wellington as a destination to their clients. There are opportunities for businesses to work with travel trade organisations, which operate as intermediaries in the tourism industry and include inbound tour operators (ITOs), wholesalers, travel agents, travel brokers and online travel agents (OTAs). Please get in touch with us if you're considering working with travel trade organisations.

If your business is in a growth stage and you're seeking professional support to improve your business capabilities, chat to our Business Growth Team which works with local Wellington businesses or check out our business section for more information.

Develop sustainability capabilities

To grow your business' capabilities in sustainability, find out more about the Wellington Sustainable Tourism Programme, which is a joint effort between our team and Tourism Industry Aotearoa.

The programme develops local tourism business' capabilities across the TSC - Tourism Sustainability Commitment's four pillars - economic, visitor, community and the environment - and works closely with each business to develop specific and personalised action plans.

Free Visitor Guides and Downtown Map

The free annual Visitor Guide and Downtown Map we produce for visitors to Wellington is available for you to give to your guests.

Downtown Map pads are also available for businesses to buy. If you would like to order visitor guides or buy map pads, please get in touch.

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