Aro Digital’s top tips for getting more web enquiries

CEO Tim Dorrian gives his advice for maintaining a good online presence

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After an unprecedented amount of space for reflection, we’re finding many businesses reaching out to discuss improving their web presence. Often, it’s their vision for a new website, or recognising that they need to pay attention to ranking high in Google results.

If you’re also thinking about making these updates, your goal should be to get more conversions (phone calls / email enquiries / online purchases / store visits etc).

Search engines and websites are all about making information easily accessible, and improving the online user experience - but how do you do that?

CEO Tim Dorrian says the demand for businesses to be online is high, but there are ways to make sure your website is more effective

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3 Tips for getting more enquiries from your website

  1. Service + Location Keywords
    For most businesses, the most important search term they want to rank for is the most basic description of their service + their location. For Aro, it’s “digital marketing wellington”. Add your main service + location in text on the page you want to show in Google for.

  2. Content Rich Home Page
    Focus on adding content to your home page. Google reads the text on your site, and uses it to understand what your website is all about, and what search terms it should show for. Often, we advise businesses to link to the main sub pages of their site from their home page, to help with the navigation of your site and increase the amount of text on your home page. Check out the Aro.Digital website for an example of this.

  3. Simple Conversions
    Make it really easy to get in contact with you, make a purchase, a booking, or visit your store. Don’t hide your website’s objective deep within sub-sub-pages of your site - if possible, elevate it to your home page.

Aro Digital is a digital enablement partner through the Covid-19 Voucher Scheme and is registered as part of the Regional Business Partner Network. The voucher scheme connects businesses to local service providers that help strengthen and grow their business.


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