Building a bespoke, safe customer base with Get Smart Global

The Wellington market intelligence software company has found a way to make contract-tracing customisable for businesses

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Anticipating the need for simple and effective contact tracing solutions as businesses open back up, Wellington tech company Get Smart created SMARTContact.

Like other systems, SMARTContact uses a QR code and online contact form to collect a name and phone number for each visitor to a given site. The data is stored securely in a government-approved data centre and made available only if required by Ministry of Health officials for contact tracing.

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What sets SMARTContact apart is firstly its ability to be custom branded for each company. As businesses want to attract people back to their physical spaces, they don’t have to compromise on branding but rather make contact tracing part of their brand moving forward.

The other is allowing an opt-in feature for customers to sign onto a database. Removing the administration of signing people up to customer lists, customers can take control about whether they want to stay connected with the company with the click of a button.

“We want to help businesses get back to business. Our system not only allows organisations to meet their obligations in relation to contact tracing but to take some vital steps toward recovery,” says Get Smart Chief Executive, Cristine Angus.

If a visitor chooses to opt-in to the customer database, SMARTContact can send a tailored response, thanking customers for signing up and directing them to other important information about your business.

“Maintaining visitor privacy and data security is essential, but those customers who want to stay connected with local businesses have the option of doing this.   We know that people will want to support local businesses and that businesses will be looking to build new customer relationships – SMARTContact is designed to work for both.”

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Working with WellingtonNZ

Get Smart is Wellington-born and bred and proudly Wellington-based. Over the last 10 years, the team have provided customer experience, market tracking, and insight solutions for businesses around New Zealand and the world.

As NZTE’s Wellington Regional Business Partner, WellingtonNZ has been an important partner in Get Smart’s growth; enabling the company to access valuable business training and sales coaching services through the Capability Voucher Funding scheme.

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