Keeping contact tracing ‘Simple’

Wellington digital agency Springload staff used their spare time to create a free contact tracing service for businesses

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As digital agencies turned their attentions to the needs for easy, low-admin contact tracing options, Wellington company Springload wanted to make accessibility and privacy for everyone, a priority.

The idea for a contact tracing solution was first proposed on Springload’s internal online brainstorming channel. This sparked a huge team effort that brought everyone on board, from Creative Director Dan Newman to Head of Technology Matt Bilson.

It took the Springload team 10 days to build Simple Trace, with a drive to help local businesses return back to work safely and easily keeping them motivated.

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Robin Marshall, Springload’s Head of Innovation and Impact, says Simple Trace is an example of what can be achieved in ten days with a bit of ingenuity, a forward-thinking team, and a driving need to help.

“At Springload we knew we could deliver something that was relatively low cost to ourselves but of high value to New Zealand right now. Simple Trace is free because we want to make it easy for local businesses to get back to work.”

 Simple Trace is a project that puts purpose before profit, and they’ve already had positive feedback from local businesses like Maranui Café and Island Bay Medical Centre.

How it works

Unlike some tracking apps that are always on, Simple Trace only records data when an individual scans a business's QR code, fills in a form, and submits their details.

At the end of every day businesses receive Simple Trace reports of everyone who’s visited their premises using Simple Trace, and individuals receive lists of all the locations they’ve visited. After daily reports are sent, Simple Trace securely deletes all data from its own servers.

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