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Wellington payroll company FlexiTime has been providing advice and financial assistance to businesses paying the wage subsidy to staff during Covid-19


Wellington software company FlexiTime has been around since 2008, streamlining the way businesses manage and pay their staff.

As Covid-19 upended businesses’ regular work schedules, paying staff correctly suddenly became more complicated.

“We’ve had our busiest month ever of customer support helping people with questions about how to process the wage subsidy. The wage subsidy has been a great help to many businesses, but there was a lot of uncertainty around the details, especially in the early days, just because of how quickly it was rolled out,” says Chief Marketing Officer Jake Harvey.

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As businesses struggled to pay staff, many reduced wages and changed work patterns for employees. In payroll systems that accrue leave based on hours or days worked this means extra admin work to make sure leave entitlements are still correct.

Some of the most affected industries, like tourism, retail and hospitality, were also industries with much higher rates of part-time, and casual staff, meaning any changes to hours or days worked would usually require leave balances to be manually reassessed and updated.

But FlexiTime’s main product, PayHero, automates that process, so regardless of events like Covid-19, employees are given the right amount of leave with no extra work required.

To further help businesses who were already under a lot of stress, the FlexiTime team offered affected customers a free month on their subscription .

"Our recent offer of a one-month free subscription holiday to customers receiving the wage subsidy was well received with over 450 businesses applying,” says FlexiTime CEO Rob Owen.

“We were in the fortunate position of being able to continue paying our staff for working from home during the lockdown and wanted to help our customers get through this difficult time. Providing a free subscription is a small contribution, but when your business isn't bringing in any revenue every dollar counts.”

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Working with WellingtonNZ

FlexiTime has worked with WellingtonNZ through the internship programme Summer of Tech.

The programme, supported by WellingtonNZ, connects tech companies with tertiary students and new graduates who are looking for real work experience in the industry.

“The majority of our dev (development) team have come to us through Summer of Tech,” Rob says.

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