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Ben Dunn - Swibo

Ben Dunn is using gaming technology to inject the first principle of gaming, fun, into health and sports science.

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Wellington has a globally respected video game development scene, and now entrepreneur Ben Dunn is using gaming technology to inject the first principle of
gaming, fun, into health and sports science.

Dunn’s Swibo is recuperating patients working with sports doctors and physiotherapists or athletes in training. Many of the exercises they are required to complete are boring or difficult, but Swibo changes that by engaging patients in a game.

The first Swibo product is a smartphone app that fits into a specially designed balance board. Users go through their exercise routine on the balance board, and can watch what they’re doing on a screen. This excites their competitive instincts and what was once an arduous or tedious chore becomes recreation.

Dunn already has a number of clinics using his system around the country, and a new improved version is due for release very soon.