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Bron Thompson - Springload and Tandm

Bron is the founder of Springload, a digital agency thatemploys over 45 people who create websites, apps and digital products, and newly launched Tandm.

Bron page

A founder of two digital companies is declaring it’s time to retire the word ‘digital’. Seem contrary? Not so for Bron Thomson, founder of Springload, a digital agency that employs over 45 people who create websites, apps and digital products.

Now she has launched Tandm, a digital strategy consultancy. One of her missions is to ditch ‘digital’ because it encourages the view that people and technology are separate things. Technology, she says, should serve people, not the other way around.

Thomson says she’s an advocate for taking a more female perspective with technology, which is something the male dominated IT world desperately needs. She believes women tend to approach technical problems from a human-centric position. This is the perfect place to start redefining the relationship between people and technology.

If Thomson has her way, organisations will soon be using workplace health and happiness as a measure of how successfully they use technology.